Golf Course Rules

Kemer Country Golf Club, in order to ensure the steady flow of the game, is entitled to employ staff at the golf course for implementing golf rules and regulations. The starters and the marshals are fully authorized on the golf course to ensure implementation of all rules and maintain pace of the game.

• Players must comply with the golf etiquette and rules.
• It is mandatory to wear clothing in compliance with the golf etiquette. The definition and specifications of appropriate golfing clothing are hung on the club building.
• Players must register at the golf reception prior to going out to the golf course. Cart and caddy requests must be made upon registration; otherwise cart and caddy allocation cannot be guaranteed.
• If players disregard the starting hour then they will lose their right to start. They then can only start at a time considered appropriate by the starter. If there is no such time due to occupancy, they will not be able to start.
• Players must start on the first tee and play all holes in consecutive order, 1 through 18. It is forbidden to enter the golf course from any other tee.
• During prime hours, smaller groups may be combined to form groups of four.
• It is forbidden to take a practice-swing in a manner that will cause divots.
• All players and caddies must repair divots and pitch marks and rake the sand traps on the greens.
• Playing with driving range balls on the golf course is forbidden.
• The golf course may not be used for training purposes so as not to hinder other players.
• Players without golf sets of their own are not allowed on the golf course. They may rent a set to go out onto the golf course.
• The duration of game for groups of four is about 4 hours and 30 minutes on the golf course.
Players are to keep the distance between the group ahead unchanged and to regard the course marshals’ warnings. They are to keep in mind that the speed of the game is determined not by the distance between the group behind, but by the distance between the group ahead and set the pace accordingly.
The groups who play slowly or have to search for a ball must give way to the group behind, provided that the parkour ahead is not occupied.
• The players who do not hold a handicap are not allowed to go out to the golf course, they may only take to the course with Kemer Country Golf Club pros.
• It is mandatory that the guest green fee players and members holding a handicap higher than 28 take a caddy.
• Only Kemer Country Golf Club pros are allowed to give golf lessons.
• Only Kemer Country Golf Club pros giving lessons on the golf course are allowed to skip tees.
• During the weekdays, children under the age of 12 are allowed to go out to the golf course only if they are accompanied by a pro or an adult player.